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Lindy Rattl'n Flyer Jigging Spoons are made in the U. These spoons are molded from metal and feature a deadly "Buck-Shot Rattle Shell" that creates a nerve jarring vibration to call fish in and triggers them to strike.Buck-Shot Rattle Jig'N Spoons are deadly for vertical jigging around weeds, rocks, brush, and standing timber.Dynamic HD Ice Lures feature bright, fish-catching colors, sure to meet the needs of m...Rapala Slab Raps utilize a unique shape for ultimate action and attraction over a variety of gamefish species.This lure comes complete with premium treble hooks and an incredibly lifelike, holographic finishes never before seen on a hard-water lure. Found a school a 12 inch perch that couldnt resist and with them super sharp hooks its hard to miss them.Lindy Darters are changing the way anglers think about ice fishing techniques. The smallest size is perfect when targeting the roaming bass, and don't be surprised when a crappie or bluegill grabs on. Jig a few times and if nothing shows up,move till you find fish. The Lindy Rattl'n Flyer Jigging Spoon features a non-lead alloy construction providing perfect weight balance.

Lindy Darters are changing the way anglers think about ice fishing techniques.The extreme action that is produced will draw strikes from a wide variety of species and they truly shine when used in fast running waters.Rapala Jigging Raps swim in tantalizing circles right in the middle of suspended game fish. Jigging Raps can also be used for all game fish species, and vertical jigging can bring fantastic results in the dog days of summer.With their erratic, side-to-side wobbling action and wide movement, Rapala Slab Raps are sure to deliver tr...Sebile Vibrato lures have a perfect center of gravity and a slow flutter rate on the fall.

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